Bariatric surgeries are surgeries the work with gastrointestinal tract to make effective changes that would help obese people lose weight.

They also go by the name of weight-loss surgeries and are designed to tackle several obesity-inducing factors in the digestive systems. For instance, blocking hunger hormones, or restricting stomach capacity for foods and drinks, and even changing the entire traditional pathway for the food.

These changes aren’t permanent, your stomach can always stretch hence why you need to be careful and actually put in some effort.

More About Bariatric Surgeries

Obesity is a life-threatening condition that can impair an individual’s life. Many people who suffer obesity usually express feelings of despair. Bariatric surgeries can help set them on the healthy track and give their life meaning.

Bariatric surgeries are a multi-procedure field. The techniques and the surgeries are very diverse. But they all work to achieve one objective: and it is to help you lose the extra weight.

The surgical intervention in bariatric treatment has the ability to suppress hunger feelings, intake capacity, and even nutrients and caloric intake.

The procedures can be invasive, laparoscopic, or non-invasive at all.

With all the procedures, you will stay in the hospital for a few days after surgery. This is to ensure that you’re recovering well & that your body is adapting to the changes in your gastric system.

Another thing you’ll change is your diet in the first weeks after any bariatric surgery. Regardless of the procedure, your stomach needs to grasp these changes. So it’s best to start with a liquid diet initially for a week. Then you can move on to moist foods for another week, until you return to normal eating.

Bariatric surgeries don’t magically make you lose weight. They just give you a massive boost and you do the rest of the work. You will feel hungry less and eat less as well. So you can put in the other 20% to get the body you want.

Bariatric Surgeries In Turkey

Bariatric surgeries are more than just a weight-loss procedure. They’re procedures that are life changing and at times even life saving. Particularly since obesity can impair your life and put you at risk for heart disease and other fatal complications. I’m many parts of the worlds, insurance doesn’t cover these procedures and sometimes partially covers them. The exaggerated prices are not within everyone’s reach. Hence why the medical tourism industry began blooming.

Many find that traveling and seeking treatment abroad for low costs and high quality is the ideal option.

With the growth of the industry, specific counties rose to excellence. Once of these countries is Turkey. It’s among the top 3 around the globe for medical tourism. Particularly owing to its ground-breaking innovations that make the country a leader in the medical field.

Its cutting-edge technologies & state of the art facilities in addition to its accomplished doctors, surgeons, and medical staff are driving its success.

Bariatric Surgeries With AkayLife

AkayLife is a globally trusted medical tourism coordinator in Turkey. Our team of professionals work constantly to provide you with the right treatments in the right hospital with the right doctors. We do so by exclusively working with government certified JCI approved health care providers.

And we’re proud to announce that we have selected the top hospitals for Bariatric surgeries in Turkey. We annually update our list to ensure that our Bariatric surgeons meet international standards.

In other words, AkayLife is all about making your life better by matching with the compatible health care providers based on your price range and conditions.

Our journey with you doesn’t end even after your travel back to your home country. We’ll be with you every step of the way. And should you feel even the slightest discomfort we can terminate treatment or alternative health care providers.

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