The BDP/DS is a type of Bariatric surgery that helps obese and morbidly obese patients lose weight. While doctors prefer you to lose weight through natural methods without surgical intervention, sometimes it’s too late. Particularly if your health is at risk due to the excess weight.

A BPD/DS makes a lot more changes to the gastric system in comparison to other techniques. BPD/DS is short for biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch.

In terms of efficacy, the BDP/DS takes the crown. It’s far more effective than any other form of bariatric surgery. It helps you lose a lot of weight and in turn, get rid of obesity-related problems. From heart disease to sleep apnea, diabetes & blood pressure. If it doesn’t entirely resolve the problem it reduces it.

About BPD/DS

BPD/DS in complexity surpasses other Bariatric surgeries. But it’s, for this reason, it works better than other solutions. The procedure of BPD/DS focuses on three aspects of the gastric system to combat obesity. In the first step, your doctor removes a big portion of the stomach making it look like a sleeve or a tube. Your doctor then staples the changes done to the stomach. This step ensures that you eat less. Your food intake will decrease dramatically. And because the sleeve fills up faster with a much smaller potion, your body will produce fewer hunger hormones.

Next comes the re-routing of the gastric system. Your doctor will connect your stomach directly to the end of the small intestine. By skipping a large part of the intestine, you’ll absorb fewer calories and also fewer nutrients. So far the procedure is similar to gastric sleeve. But the difference between a BPD/DS and a gastric sleeve is in the third step.

In a BPD/DS, both the bile and digestive juices work differently to reduce caloric absorption. To do this your doctor connects the small end of your small intestine to the duodenum.

It is an extremely successful weight loss surgery. But it puts you at risk for malnutrition so make sure you run blood tests and take your supplements.

BPD/DS In Turkey

Turkey has become the go-to destination for medical care in the world. And its achievements speak for themselves. People have discovered that countries like Turkey offer comparatively less medical costs from the perspective of patients coming from abroad. And the quality of medical care in Turkey meets international standards.

In several medical fields, Turkey excels significantly. The field of Bariatric surgeries is no different. A complex procedure like the BPD/DS needs to be done by accomplished and skilled surgeons for successful results in high-tech facilities. Being home to a large number of JCI approved hospitals, Turkey is a safe consideration for your BPD/DS. Where the chances of success are relatively high, the costs are very low.

BPD/DS With AkayLife

AkayLife is a medical tourism coordinator. We don’t promote any health care providers, hospitals, or doctors. We are only focused on you and getting you the right treatment in Turkey. We have a list of JCI and government certified hospitals that we cooperate with. And we update our list annually to make sure the hospitals on the list and the doctors are all operating above-board and have the right certification and adequate practice.

When you contact our medical consultants, we’ll evaluate your case and review your options. Based on your medical requirements and price range, we’ll find the best hospital for your BPD/DS in Turkey. Our mission is to also help you get settled in Turkey for treatment. We offer services that facilitate your stay in Turkey. Because your comfort is our priority, we make sure you’re pleased with the hospital, doctors, and proposed treatment plan until the end.

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