An angioplasty is one of many cardiac procedures that can end up costing you a lot of money, so why not consider looking for more affordable options?

Even if you have a health insurance plan that supposedly will cover the full cost, you could end up waiting a very long time to have the procedure done because health insurance companies limit which providers and medical centers that you can use. This may not seem important, but actually having to wait too long for a procedure can put your life at risk.

Read on to learn about what an angioplasty involves and how we can assist you to find good care in a more timely fashion in Turkey.

About Angioplasty

An angioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that is done to unblock clogged arteries. It is an important procedure because blocked arteries can end up causing a heart attack or even a lung embolism, both of which can be fatal.

In this procedure, which is often used to unblock the coronary arteries of the heart, a catheter is threaded through the blood vessels. When the blockage is reached a balloon carried by the catheter is inflated to open up the blocked artery and restore blood flow.

Angioplasty in Turkey

Turkey is a great place for medical tourists and regular tourists. Medical procedures are often at much lower price here, than in countries such as the United States.

Since angioplasty is a minor procedure that is minimally invasive, you could combine your trip with a holiday, and spend some time relaxing on the beach or visiting some cultural sites.

The country has a well-regulated medical industry with several highly-esteemed, talented and accredited doctors in the health care industry.

Most health coverage plans in the United States also have a copay and a limit to the amount they will pay for a given procedure and there is often a lifetime limit, which is a problem if you suddenly need to have an angioplasty and have no coverage left.

Angioplasty with Akaylife

Akaylife aims to select the best, most qualified, and at the same time, most affordable doctor in the country for your angioplasty. At Akaylife, our health care providers are also all JCI Accredited and have earned the Gold Seal of Approval, meaning that you can trust the quality of care you are getting and that these are all doctors that have an excellent safety record.

The doctors chosen by Akaylife to do your angioplasty have also trained internationally at medical centers and with professionals in the United States.

All the providers we choose are also fluent in English so you will easily be able to speak with and understand your doctor, which is crucial in any medical setting.

We prioritize your care, without ever compromising the standard of care or safety when you have an angioplasty done. At Akaylife, we are determined to only give you the best choice for your angioplasty, with the most trusted physicians give you the best doctors, so you do not need to worry about your safety or problems with the standard of care you get.

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