Infertility is a problem that affects about 15% of people around the world; there is often much frustration and sadness resulting from not being able to have the family you want, despite everything you may have tried.

There are treatment options for infertile couples, but odds are that health insurance will not cover the full costs of these, if at all; how much is covered will likely depend on what sort of health plan you have and how extensive the coverage is, but often there is a copay and deductible that has to be met before any type of treatment can be authorized by the insurance company.

To overcome the high cost of medical care and problems dealing with insurance, it would be a good idea to look into what options Turkey has to offer for treating your infertility; the price of treatments is much lower in Turkey than in many other countries and the quality and standard of care is still high.

About Infertility

Infertility is when a woman is unable to become pregnant and this can be due to problems with either the man or the women; the result is much sadness and despair for the couple that is trying to get pregnant.

There are many causes of infertility including certain medications, genetics, hormonal and structural problems can also play a role; in some cases, a woman may have blocked fallopian tubes or polyps in the uterus; in the case of men, certain illnesses such as diabetes can cause infertility as can genetic or structural problems with the reproductive organs.

Finding affordable health care is tricky in countries such as the United States where private health insurance coverage is often limited, and even when a procedure is covered it can take a long time to get the authorization you need to begin the treatment.

Infertility in Turkey

Turkey has a thriving medical tourism industry offering treatment options for couples suffering from infertility; many of the doctors are also internationally-renowned for their skill and expertise.

The geographical location of the country is convenient for many people seeking alternative places to have infertility treatments, and one can combine a medical trip with a vacation, particularly since such infertility procedures are only minimally invasive.

Infertility with Akaylife

At Akaylife, we aim to help you to find the very best and most affordable treatment for your infertility, and it means not having to worry about fighting with an insurance company that won’t even cover the full costs of the treatment.

Akaylife also works with providers who have the Gold Seal of Approval and JCI Accreditation, meaning that you will have doctors who are universally recognized for their exceptional standard of medical care and safety record.

When you choose Akaylife, you receive care from highly-skilled, fluent English-speaking physicians, many of whom have worked and have trained with top physicians in the United States, and thus have experience in the best current and modern techniques used in treating infertility.

We promise to find you the best infertility doctors in the country who you will be comfortable with and who will offer you the best service at an affordable cost.


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