If you need a craniotomy you may be concerned, not only about the surgery, but also about the costs. In the United States, even minor surgery costs a lot of money, and most often your health insurance plan will not cover the entire procedure, leaving you with fees that you have to cover out of your own pocket.
Why not look for a more affordable option? You actually travel to another country to have the work done. In fact, Turkey is one of the premier countries in the world for medical care. Please read on to find out more about the craniotomy and how you can get such care in Turkey.

About Craniotomy

A craniotomy is a surgical procedure which is done to expose a part of the brain that needs to be operated on. The procedure uses special instruments to cut open the skull and remove a section of the bone making up the skull.
Once the surgeon has finished the necessary work inside the brain, the flap of bone is then put back into place and reattached.
There is more than one reason you may need to have a craniotomy done. There may be a leaking blood vessel or an aneurysm that needs to be attended to. Another common reason for needing a craniotomy is surgery for a brain tumor. There are different types of craniotomies depending on the reason it is needed.
For instance a keyhole craniotomy is when a tiny piece of bone is taken out behind the ear to gain access for removing a very small tumor. In other cases, a supraorbital or bifrontal craniotomy is needed, which is when a piece of the frontal bone or bone directly above the eyebrows is removed.

Craniotomy in Turkey

Any type of surgery is costly in the United States, which is why it is not surprising that more people are seeking medical care in Turkey. Health insurance coverage is most often limited so it is normally the case that an entire procedure will not be covered and you will have out-of-pocket costs.
In the United States, with insurance means often having to wait several months before you can have a surgery because insurance companies only cover costs if you use specific providers and medical centers.
The costs of medical care in Turkey are at a reduced rate compared to the same procedures in the United States. You also do not need to be concerned because the quality of care is equally high in Turkey.

Craniotomy with Akaylife

At Akaylife, we only work with surgeons and doctors that have the Gold Seal of Approval and JCI Accreditation. These credentials are recognition for medical professionals whose work is of the highest standard and who have an exceptional patient safety record
Our doctors and surgeons are highly experienced with hours of practice in their fields. At Akaylife, we offer you the very best medical tourism in Turkey. Akaylife will match you up with the best physician at the most affordable price.
You can always trust us at Akaylife. Our team consists of caring and courteous individuals who are here to guide you and help you get the best medical care at the most affordable cost.


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