If you are someone who suffers from Parkinson’s disease or some other condition causing tremors, then you may have heard of deep brain stimulation as a possible therapy for the condition.
We will discuss what this procedure involves and how we can help you. If you are in the United States, health care is very expensive, even if you have health insurance, so we will also discuss how you can find care in Turkey at a good price and yet of comparable quality.
About Deep Brain Stimulation
Deep brain stimulation involves an implant of a special device that sends nerve impulses to the brain. The device is called a deep brain stimulator and it is surgically placed under the skin in the chest area.
Electrodes from the device are then connected to various regions in the brain and the pulses sent by this device work to block troubling nerve signals causing the tremors seen in such conditions as Parkinson’s disease.
The patient can control the pulses because they are given a special controller that they can choose to turn the signal on or off.
Doctors have found that deep brain stimulation is helpful for people with Parkinson’s disease but also for people who have dystonia and essential tremor.

Deep Brain Stimulation in Turkey

Deep brain stimulation is not a major surgery, but it can still be very costly depending on what country you live in and what your health insurance plan is willing to cover.
The costs of this treatment added to the mounting costs of medication, which many patients with tremors need to take on a continual basis, can quickly become a big burden.
Turkey offers lower costs for medical procedures such as deep brain stimulation, and best of all, the country has doctors and surgeons who have exceptional skill and experience. There is no need to worry that you won’t be getting a high standard of care and the country also has a government-regulated health care industry.

Deep Brain Stimulation with Akaylife

Akaylife’s mission is to connect you with the best and most qualified medical professionals. It’s our goal to find you the very best medical care that Turkey has to offer. We also do everything in our power to keep costs low so that this is not a big issue when you choose to have deep brain stimulation in Turkey.
You can rest assured that Akaylife will select only English-speaking surgeons and doctors, many of whom have trained in the United States and know the modern techniques used for deep brain stimulation. There is no reason to worry that your care will be inferior because these same doctors also hold international accreditations and credentials. The physicians are also all fluent in English so that communication does not become a barrier and so that you feel completely comfortable in their care.
You can trust Akaylife, as the leading medical tourism company, to find you the best doctors in the country for your deep brain stimulation procedure.


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