Back pain is extremely debilitating and sometimes it becomes necessary to have a spinal fusion procedure. If you live in the United States you probably already know how expensive health care is, and unfortunately, even with good health insurance, costs quickly get out of hand.

Surgery such as spinal fusion can be expensive and can become a huge financial concern for you. Turkey offers world-class medical treatments at a much more affordable cost. Read on to learn more about spinal fusion and how we can assist you.

About Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion is a medical procedure in which two vertebrate in the back are fused together. The vertebrae are the bones that make up your backbone and they surround and enclose your spinal cord.

The spinal fusion procedure is a surgery in which bone grafts are placed between the two bones to be fused, and then a metal plate is put in place to firmly secure the graft.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes a few hours to perform. The surgeon most often accesses the vertebrae by cutting into the abdomen or neck region through your back.

Usually the patient’s own bone tissue is harvested from the pelvic region and then used as the bone graft, but occasionally, donor tissue or synthetic material is used. The best situation is if your own bone is used since the risk of tissue rejection is then eliminated.

Spinal fusion is a major surgery that is sometimes needed where a person has degenerative disk disease or another condition of the backbone that is causing the person unbearable pain and disability.

Spinal Fusion in Turkey

There is hope for your condition, with treatment readily available in Turkey. Join the many thousands of people who have traveled to Turkey for surgery. Some of the very best surgeons and doctors who work on the spine and nervous system are found in Turkey.

Neurological procedures can be very expensive, which is why Turkey is such a good choice. Here you can get excellent medical care and surgery with top surgeons and doctors who are internationally-recognized for their quality of care and safety record.

Spinal Fusion with Akaylife

Akaylife ensures that your surgery will be performed in only the very best medical facilities by the best and, at the same time, most affordable surgeons.

Spinal fusion surgery can be a very costly procedure, which is why Akaylife will work hard to get you the care you can afford, without any sacrifice in quality or safety.

All surgeons and doctors that Akaylife works with in Turkey are board-certified. Many of these professionals have trained also in the United States, where they have gained experience and knowledge in the use of modern cutting-edge technology. Akaylife also ensures that your doctors and surgeons are fluent English speakers.

At Akaylife, we only work with medical providers that have earned the JCI Accreditation and Gold Seal of Approval. These recognized doctors and surgeons are internationally-recognized for their quality of care and their impressive safety record.


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