Oncology is the field of medicine that deals with cancer and oncologists are the specialist physicians that treat people for their particular type of cancer.

If you are diagnosed with cancer you will be under the care of an oncologist who will help you plan your treatment. Read on to learn more about oncology and how we can help you find the right care for your medical needs.

About Oncology

Oncology is medical care that focuses on the treatment of cancer. This includes its treatment, prevention, and diagnosis. Once diagnosis is made, a trained oncologist will discuss your treatment options. This will be done in a timely manner to increase your chances of survival.

Depending on what stage of cancer you have, your treatment may differ from others. Different treatments have advantages and disadvantages, which the oncologist can discuss with you as well as explaining why a particular treatment is best for your specific case.

Chemotherapy is the use of chemical agents to destroy cancer cells in your body. Radiation therapy is also a possible treatment option that may prove to be beneficial to you during this difficult time, and is the use of certain types of radiation to destroy cancerous cells. Hormone therapy is a targeted approach that works well for certain types of cancer linked to the reproductive organs.

Oncology in Turkey

When you seek oncology care in Turkey, you can save a great deal of money. If getting treated in the United States, you are likely to be faced with expensive and ongoing medical bills that can quickly spiral out of control even if you have good health insurance coverage.

When faced with cancer, this is a burden you don’t need. Many patients seek oncological care in Turkey in order to reduce their medical costs and improve their quality of life.

Turkey has medical facilities that have modern state-of-the-art equipment and fully trained professionals who have the credentials and experience to treat your cancer with minimal risk.

Oncology with Akaylife

At Akaylife, our goal is to ensure your comfort and safety both during and after your cancer treatment in Turkey.

Akaylife works with JCI Accredited health care providers. We also make sure that they have the Gold Seal of Approval. This ensures that they are universally recognized for their exceptional quality of healthcare, and this means that as a patient, you are protected with the highest safety standards.

When you choose Akaylife, you receive care from highly-skilled, English-speaking physicians who have hours of experience. Many of the doctors we work with have trained with top physicians in the United States, and thus have international experience on the latest methods in oncology.

Furthermore, we only allow your cancer treatment and surgery to be performed in a medical treatment facility and never in a clinic.

As the best medical tourism company in Turkey, we promise to find you the best medical treatment providers in the country who offer quality service. We make sure that you get only the best cancer treatment in Turkey.


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