If you are facing major medical problems in your large intestine, you may need a hemicolectomy. This is a procedure that is sometimes needed to treat severe Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis and commonly, colon cancer.

To find out if this treatment is right for you, read on to learn all about hemicolectomy and why it might be time to seek alternative medical care.

About Hemicolectomy

Hemicolectomy involves surgery that removes a portion of your colon, either on the left or the right side, depending on where the problem lies.

When this surgery is performed, the diseased part of your large intestine (colon) is removed by a trained surgeon. Once the segment of the colon is successfully taken out, the remaining ends of the colon are then joined together by staples or stitches.

This surgery is needed when dealing with cancerous conditions that require the immediate removal of the affected area of your colon. However, a hemicolectomy is also sometimes necessary in cases of severe Crohn’s disease or diverticulitis.

When you see one of our experienced surgeons, they will help you determine what you’re dealing with and if this type of surgery is right for you.

Hemicolectomy in Turkey

This surgery is usually expensive in the United States, which is why more people are seeking medical care in Turkey. Even if you have health insurance coverage, odds are that the entire procedure may not be covered and you will likely have out-of-pocket costs that may still be very high.

There is also the issue of having to potentially wait several months in the US before you can have the surgery, depending on where you live, your health plan and list of covered providers. In the case of colon cancer, this is not wise since the cancer will spread in time, making the situation worse.

The costs of medical care in Turkey are much lower than the United States and the quality of care is high and it is likely you can schedule the surgery much sooner than in the US.

Hemicolectomy with Akaylife

At Akaylife, we ensure that all physicians have the Gold Seal of Approval and JCI Accreditation, which is recognition for their stellar quality of care and patient safety.
Our medical providers are highly experienced with hours of surgery experience. This is to ensure that your complications are limited during and after your hemicolectomy. You can always trust Akaylife to handle your medical needs professionally. Our caring and courteous team is here to guide you through this difficult time.

At Akaylife, we offer you the very best medical tourism in Turkey. Akaylife will match you up with the best physician at the most affordable price.

At Akaylife, we know traveling abroad for medical care isn’t cheap. That is why we prioritize experience and the best medical treatment facilities for your hemicolectomy. We also ensure that your aftercare following your surgery is the very best.

Akaylife works with only the best medical centers in all of Turkey. Our doctors and surgeons are board-certified. Even better, many of them have trained with some of the top doctors in the United States.

When you choose Akaylife for your medical needs, your hemicolectomy will be performed in only the safest facilities. This type of surgery is never done in clinics.


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