Total hip replacement B/L involves replacing both of a person’s hips, which means the costs of the procedure will really add up.

Medical care in many countries is very expensive even if you have health insurance. This means that not only do you have the worry about the actual surgery, but also the financial concerns associated with it.

If you’d like to learn how you can reduce your mounting medical bills related to total hip replacement B/L, please keep reading.

About Total Hip Replacement B/L

A total hip replacement B/L (bilateral) is a surgery in which both of your hips are replaced. The surgery is common as many people suffer the effects of joint degeneration with time. The hip joint is a ball-and-socket type of a joint which allows for a range of motion of the legs.

The ball part of the joint is the top section of the femur bone, while the socket part is actually on your pelvis and is the region with which the ball articulates.

At each joint, the replacement is comprised of four parts, namely, a metal socket, some type of liner to facilitate movement at the joint, a ball made of ceramic or metal, and a metal rod.

The rod functions for stability and it will be attached to the ball of the joint, and it is placed inside the femur bone to ensure strength and support.

Total Hip Replacement B/L in Turkey

There is hope for your condition, and you can join the thousands who have found out about medical treatment options in Turkey, including surgeries that are performed on a regular basis with experienced and credentialed surgeons and anethesiologists.

In Turkey you can find some of the very best surgeons and most qualified physicians who treat patients who need their hips replaced.

One of the best reasons for seeking medical care in Turkey is that you can get affordable health care with highly qualified surgeons and other personnel who have the experience you need in hip replacement surgery and recovery.

Total Hip Replacement B/L with Akaylife

When you seek hip replacement surgery in Turkey, Akaylife will make certain that your surgery will be performed in the very best medical facilities. We know that this surgery can be costly, which is why we fight to get you the care you can afford.

All doctors and surgeons that Akaylife works with in Turkey are board-certified. Many have trained with top US physicians, ensuring you get the best treatment. Furthermore, Akaylife promises that your doctors and surgeons will be fluent English speakers, who you can easily communicate with.

At Akaylife, we only work with medical providers that have earned the JCI Accreditation and Gold Seal of Approval. These universally-recognized doctors and surgeons are known for their quality of care and their impressive safety record.

At Akaylife, you can be absolutely sure to get the best care with experienced doctors and surgeons at a fraction of the cost of in your home country.


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