Total knee replacement B/L is a medical procedure in which both of your knees are replaced surgically. The cost of such a procedure is likely to be high.

If you are in the United States and you have health insurance, it still does not mean that the surgery will be affordable.

This is because often insurance companies do not fully cover the medical procedures and you are often required to pay a few thousand dollars copay for an operation and you may have to wait some time before being able to have the work done due to insurance limitations.

If you’d like to learn how you can have a total knee replacement in Turkey in a timely fashion, please keep reading.

About Total Knee Replacement B/L

A total knee replacement B/L is when both knees are replaced by surgery. The knee joint is a complicated structure made up of various bones, ligaments, and cartilage. One of the lower leg bones, the tibia, meets and articulates with the upper leg bone, the femur, at the knee.

Metal is used to replace the part of the femur that articulates at the knee. A special piece of plastic with metal is also used to replace part of the tibia which joins at the knee. Sometimes, an artificial knee cap is also used. This is a plastic piece shaped for that function.

The knee joint has several cruciate ligaments that attach bone to bone, and in some cases, the posterior cruciate ligament is replaced with a polyethylene post.

There is no reason why you cannot return to normal function after having knee replacement surgery since the risks of the procedure are low. Knee replacement surgery is sometimes needed when people have osteoporosis or arthritis which is severe enough to destroy the joints of the knees.

Total Knee Replacement B/L in Turkey

In Turkey there are excellent doctors and surgeons, including surgeons with experience and credentials in knee replacement surgery B/L.

Turkey is a country that has vast experience in providing exceptional medical care to foreign patients, and in fact, the medical tourism has experienced a boom in recent years.

The popularity of the country as a place for medical care is also due to the affordability of care compared with elsewhere.

Total Knee Replacement B/L with Akaylife

Akaylife will make certain that your total knee replacement surgery B/L will be at a reasonable price without any decrease in the quality of care or safety of the procedure.

We also only work with medical providers that have earned the JCI Accreditation and Gold Seal of Approval. In addition, these board-certified surgeons also often have trained with professionals in the United States and they know how to use the newest, best procedures and equipment for your surgical procedure.

One of the best reasons for working with Akaylife is that we are the number one medical tourism company in Turkey with an outstanding record of matching patients with doctors.

In addition, all of the doctors and surgeons we work with are fluent English speakers, who you can easily communicate with.


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