Transplants are medical procedures in which tissues and organs of the body no longer function properly, and thus, the person has to have these replaced by healthy organs or tissues from a donor.

Transplant surgery is extremely expensive and even with insurance, it can cost a lot. This is because most often patients have to first pay a deductible and then there is also the issue of lifetime limits on benefits.

This is why many people consider traveling to Turkey for their medical care. To learn more about transplants and how we can help you get the best, most affordable care, continue reading.

About Transplants

Some of the organ transplants that are commonly needed and done around the world include those of the heart, kidney, and liver. These are all organs that you cannot live without and people who need such surgery are likely to die if they do not receive a new organ.

An organ transplant is a major surgery that is done under general anesthesia. The old, diseased organ of the patient is removed and the new organ is sewn into place. All the correct blood vessels need to be reattached to the new organ so that it can receive a blood supply.

Such surgeries are complex and require a team of specialists working together. The new organ also has to match the tissue and blood type of the patient.

Transplants in Turkey

Turkey is a country with an outstanding reputation for health care, partly due to the fact that medical care is well-regulated by the government.

The cost of procedures is also much lower compared with comparable treatments in other countries, and this is without a decrease in the quality of care or safety. Doctors and surgeons also have international accreditations and use state-of-the-art equipment in modern, clean facilities.

Having a transplant in Turkey would not be risky since there is government oversight and control in place to ensure that international standards of care are met.

Transplants with Akaylife

Organ transplants are major surgeries and even though health insurance plans may cover the procedure, the coverage is often not complete, and you are left with a substantial copay or deductible to pay.

That is why you should let Akaylife handle your transplant surgery. As the premier medical tourism company in Turkey, we work to find you only the best providers and very best medical facilities.

Akaylife also makes sure to only work with JCI Accredited health care providers and surgeons, as well as those who have the Gold Seal of Approval. This means that your surgeon and other doctors will have a proven record of high quality work, and an exceptional safety record. You do not need to worry that your care will be inferior as we make sure you get the best quality care at the best rates.

You are assured that our physicians are always highly skilled and have hours of surgical experience; many have even trained in the United States with highly esteemed surgeons and doctors.

This ensures fewer complications during and after your transplant surgery. Akaylife guarantees only the highest standards when working with doctors, surgeons, and facilities to provide you with the best possible outcome.


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