Heart disease is a major killer of people around the world. Sometimes cardiac illness can be treated with medication or other procedures. However, there are cases where a heart transplant surgery is needed because of end-stage heart failure.

With a heart transplant comes many worries for a person, and often the costs of such a surgery are extreme, resulting in a large financial burden for the patient.

Fortunately, you can find more affordable treatment in Turkey, where there are world class doctors, surgeons, and facilities. If you want to reduce your medical costs and receive the best possible care for your heart transplant surgery, you should keep reading.

About Heart Transplant

A heart transplant is needed when a person is in cardiac failure that is so severe that they will not survive too long without a new heart. This can happen as a result of a congenital condition, a viral infection that damages the heart, or a heart attack that substantially injures the cardiac muscle.

The patient having the heart transplant will be matched with a donor heart based on tissue matching. The person is placed under general anesthesia and they are placed on a heart-lung machine, which takes over the function of their heart temporarily while the operation is being done.

The old heart is removed and the new heart is sewn into the chest cavity. The new organ is attached to part of the pulmonary vein and a piece of the left atrium and aorta which is left in the chest after removal of the old, damaged heart.

Heart Transplant in Turkey

As one can probably imagine, heart transplant surgery is very expensive. In Turkey, transplant surgery is commonly done and it is much more affordable when compared with the United States, for example.

In the US, even with health insurance, it is unlikely that the full costs associated with a heart transplant procedure will be covered. Usually a deductible and copay have to be met first before insurance coverage is authorized.

Several of the surgeons in Turkey have trained internationally with physicians who have reputations for excellence in organ transplantation. Surgeons in Turkey are thus often very knowledgeable and have had practice in the newest and best surgical techniques to use in transplant surgery.

If you choose Turkey for your transplant, you can expect a high quality of care and impressive safety record.

The government of Turkey also regulates and oversees health care facilities and the doctors and surgeons that are practicing. This means that you can get treatment by fully qualified surgeons in properly equipped world-class medical centers.

Heart Transplant with Akaylife

Akaylife will help you find the best and most affordable care in Turkey. All of our doctors, including surgeons, have JCI Accreditation and the Gold Seal of Approval. You can therefore feel secure knowing that these physicians are top in their fields for quality of care and safety.

In addition, all the surgeons and doctors speak English, so you will have no problem communicating your concerns and asking questions about your heart transplant surgery.

At Akaylife, we make sure that you are matched with the best transplant surgeons who are also the most experienced doctors in Turkey.

We work to make sure you are in good hands, with surgeons that have experience and use state-of-the-art technology and modern methods. You can trust Akaylife to match you with the best heart transplant team at a good price.


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