The stress and anxiety over having to have a kidney transplant is bad enough, but then on top of that there is the cost of the surgery to consider.

Needing a transplant means that you have a life-threatening condition. It also means you need to make sure you get exceptional quality of care.

Thankfully, Turkey provides some of the best medical treatments in the world. If you want to reduce your medical costs and receive exceptional care before, during, and after your kidney transplant surgery, you should keep reading.

About Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is needed in people who have end-stage renal failure since living permanently on kidney dialysis is not a viable long-term option. Kidney failure can be caused by conditions such as glomerulonephritis, uncontrolled diabetes, or polycystic kidney disease.

The kidneys are the organs that help keep us alive because they filter out all the wastes in the blood. We have two kidneys but having one healthy kidney is enough to keep a person alive, so people who need a kidney transplant either have had both kidneys fail or were born with only one kidney that is now failing.

In a kidney transplant, the person is placed under general anesthetic and the damaged kidney is cut out of the body. The new donor kidney is then placed into the body and the renal artery and vein are attached to the new organ.

Kidney Transplant in Turkey

Kidney transplant surgery is very expensive. There are affordable medical providers in Turkey, who are accredited and have years of experience in organ transplant surgery.

Many of these surgeons have trained with the best doctors in the United States and know the modern, cutting-edge surgical techniques that maximize the chances of a favorable outcome.

Turkey, as a whole offers the same quality of health care and treatment as found in countries like the United States, and at a fraction of the cost.

Turkey also has a government that carefully regulates and oversees health care facilities and medical staff. This means that you can get treatment by fully qualified surgeons in properly equipped medical centers.

Kidney Transplant with Akaylife

At Akaylife, we make sure that you are matched with the best transplant surgeons who are also the most experienced doctors in Turkey.

We also guarantee that your surgery will be performed by fluent, English-speaking doctors who are JCI Accredited physicians and have the Gold Seal of Approval. This means you will receive the best treatment and the safest patient care.

Akaylife works to ensure that you get the best in Turkey. We work with excellent medical facilities, as well as exceptional surgeons and physicians. Your health and safety are important to us, and you can be sure that we will work hard to make sure you have optimal medical care at an affordable rate.

We can help you overcome the stress and costly burden of overpriced health care when you let us help you find the best doctors and surgeons for your kidney transplant.


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