A kidney biopsy is a medical procedure performed to examine the function and performance of the kidney by analyzing tissues taken from it. During this procedure.

During a kidney biopsy, your doctor will remove a minuscule piece of the kidney to examine it under a microscopic. The tissues and cells will indicate the presence of any damage, disease, or abnormalities in the kidneys.

A kidney biopsy is necessary in cases of kidney problems that are difficult to diagnose or monitor with medication. It is also necessary in examining the progression and severity of kidney disease. Likewise, your doctor may request a kidney biopsy after a kidney transplant or to monitor the efficacy of a new treatment.

About Kidney Biopsy

To perform a kidney biopsy your doctor uses a thin needle to insert through your skin towards the kidney. This procedure is typically done with the help of an imaging device to guide the needle towards the kidney. Usually, an ultrasound probe or CT scan.

To avoid pain, your doctor will apply local anesthesia typically with numbing cream. After marking where to make the incision, your doctor will insert the needle and make way to the kidney with the help of the ultrasound probe.

The procedure of kidney biopsy is relatively safe, but like any procedure has its own risks. These include blood in urine, pain in the treatment area, & slight bruising.

With a spring-loading instrument, your doctor will take a sample from your kidney. After finishing this step, your doctor will cover the incision with bandages. No stitches or sutures are necessary given the small size of the wound.

In sensitive cases, your doctor may recommend laparoscopic kidney biopsy. This is another approach where the doctor inserts a laparoscope to conduct the procedure. A laparoscope allows your doctor to guide the instrument and to also remove a small piece from your kidney.

The results of a kidney biopsy appear within a week. But if the situation is urgent your doctor can request a partial report in 24 hours.

Kidney Biopsy In Turkey

Turkey is dominating the scene of medical tourism with its medical excellence and monumental success. Being home to the world’s top urologists and advanced hospitals; it’s been the go-to destination for many sensitive procedures.

Offering high-quality medical care for low prices compared to the USA & Europe is only a fraction of the equation. In reality, the safe, agile, and experienced hands behind the hundreds of thousands of kidney biopsy procedures in Turkey are gaining trust from all around the world.

In a short period of time, Turkey reached the pinnacle of success in the medical field owing entirely to original research, rigid regulations, hard work, and commitment to make excellent medical care accessible to all.

Kidney Biopsy With AkayLife

A kidney biopsy is a low-risk procedure. But if complications occur, they can be quite serious. The kidney is a very sensitive organ, and this means that a procedure such as a kidney biopsy should only be handled by certified professionals who, most importantly, have the right amount of practice and experience.

For this reason, the procedure is only necessary in critical cases. But many either can’t afford the procedure or can’t find the right place for the procedure.

And this is where we at AkayLife make the change for you. The low costs of kidney biopsy in Turkey are very tempting, and the industry is exponentially growing. This means it can be difficult navigating the process alone. At AkayLife, we are responsible for researching hospitals and health care providers.

We look for government accreditation, board-certification, and experience. Our job is to find the best hospitals for kidney biopsy in Turkey & make the right match for you. Ensuring that you’re comfortable with the choice, hospital, and doctor throughout treatment.

We’ll explain everything to you and provide the best services as well.


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