Prostatectomy or radical prostatectomy is a procedure that treats various disorders related to the prostate.

The prostate is a unit of the prostate gland that functions to produce semen.

A radical prostatectomy has various applications for the treatment of many disorders. But most commonly, radical Prostectomy is sought after for the treatment of prostate cancer.

About Radical Prostatectomy

Radical prostatectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the prostrate gland entirely in addition to neighboring lymph nodes. It’s most necessary for men who suffer prostate cancer that is localized.

There are several ways to perform radical prostatectomy. You have the robot-assisted radical prostatectomy which involves small incisions. During a robot-assisted prostatectomy your surgeon works with small incisions on your lower abdomen. A robot that your surgical controls with a console performs the entirely of the procedure. Using a robot in the process amplifies precision and allows for small incisions while removing the prostate gland

The second technique to radical prostatectomy is open. This technique is a traditional surgery where your surgeon creates an incision on the lower abdomen to proceed with the surgery. Typically the incisions are slightly bigger than in robot assisted radical prostatectomy.

Once the procedure is over, your doctor sutures the wounds and your recovery begins.

Radical Prostatectomy In Turkey

Radical prostatectomy in Turkey is an experience of quality and care for reduced prices. Both in the USA and the UK the costs of radical prostatectomy can be excessive. And in most cases insurance doesn’t cover the surgery.

This is an issue particularly since radical rostatectomy is a critical procedure in cases of prostate cancer. But the affordable costs of radical prostatectomy in Turkey, have made it an ideal destination for the procedure.

Turkey is a leading country in the health care sector owing to its advanced technologies and ability to keep up with all the recent innovations. In fact, the facilitated medical procedures in the country are a key factor to its global success in the field of medical tourism.

Which makes a radical prostatectomy not only an opportunity of reduced cost, but an opportunity to receive high quality medical care. And to have your life-saving surgery performed by top surgeons in state-of-the-art-facilities that meet international guidelines.

Radical Prostatectomy With AkayLife

Trust and transparency are the forefront of our mission. And at AkayLife, we’ll ensure that you get your radical prostatectomy with care and success.

Our part in your procedure is to connect you with the right medical care providers. And within our circle of hospitals that we cooperate with are the best hospitals from all around Turkey. The hospitals we collaborate with are extremely successful, operate above-board, and have the JCI seal of approval.

So are the medical teams working in those hospitals, where they’re board-certified with ample experience. Furthermore, all the hospitals through which we coordinate your medical tourism are high-tech and equipped with cutting edge technology.

Which should make it easier for us to meet your preferred method of radical prostatectomy. Whether you wish to opt for robot-assisted (if you’re suitable for it) or open radical prostatectomy; all these methods are available at the hospitals we cooperate with.

Our main objective is to have you feeling at ease in a new country. We’ll ensure that all your needs are met with us.

Based on your financial plan and medical situation, we’ll link you with the right hospital. And as your medical tourism coordinators, we’ll track your situation to ensure that you’re comfortable during your treatment and with the hospital.


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