TURP also short for transurethral resection of the prostate is a surgical procedure that treats problems related to urination as a result of an enlarged prostate. It’s a micro surgery that reduces the size of the prostate by removing excess issue around the prostate. And in turn, alleviating problems related to urination.

TURP is best considered an option in severe cases of urinary problems that didn’t respond well to non-surgical treatment. Although TURP is an extremely effective surgery and an efficient solution for an enlarged prostate, it’s always best to leave surgery as a last resort.

About TURP

TURP is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of an enlarged prostate hence eliminating all the symptoms that were caused by it. There is two approaches for this.

The first procedure of TURP is conducted via a resectoscope where your doctor will insure this tube-like instruement through the tip of your penis. The instrument moves down the path that urine takes leading to urethra.

The retroscope gives your doctor perspective and the right vision to conduct the surgery by removing excess tissue growth around the prostate.

After surgery there will be no sutures but you’ll need a urinal catheter to ensure that that swelling after the procedure doesn’t block your urinary pathway. But this is only for 2 to 3 days until you can urinate without it’s help.

The second approach to removing an enlarged prostate is used a laser-assisted restroscope. Your doctor inserts the tube-like instrument into the penis and emits green light laser to evaporate the enlarged tissue of the prostate. It’s a less invasive procedure than TURP and goes by the name of laser TURP. You will still need a urine catheter as well, because swelling of the prostate is a common side effect. And the catheter will prevent this from blocking your urinary pathway.

TURP In Turkey

TURP and laser TURP can be expsimive abroad if you’re getting in the board-certifies hospitals and at the ends of experienced surgeons. This leaves patients considering poor quality care to resolve their problems particularly in countries where the government doesn’t offer health insurance. But the reduced costs is one aspect to TURP in Turkey. The other aspect to it is Turkey’s supreme health care system.

The country hosts some of the greatest doctors from around the world who lead the field of urology. In addition to well-versed doctors in TURP and laser TURP for a successful procedure.

The medical excellence in Turkey is why the country is a pioneer in medical tourism in an extensive array of medical fields.

TURP With AkayLife

At AkayLife we do the research part for you. Meaning, we evaluate hospitals, from hygiene to expertise of doctors & medical staff. We don’t collaborate with the health facilities who provide the bare minimum. We scrutinize hospitals for quality, excellence, and brilliance. Whether as a building that abides by hygiene standards or as a medical staff with highest accomplishments.

Based on these investigations, which we annually conduct, we cooperate with a large number of hospitals from all over Turkey.

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We’ll be with you throughout treatment until the very end, making sure you’re at ease through every step of the process.

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