Urologic reconstructive surgery is a surgical field in urology that revolves around the correction of physical abnormalities. These can be the result of birth defects, physical trauma, or the repercussions of diseases & treatment. For instance, cancer treatments can often times interfere with the urinary tract causing minor defects. Prostate surgeries on the other hand can cause erectile dysfunction, which you doctor can correct with reconstructive surgery.

The aim of the surgery is to reverse or correct these defects to resolve health issues or complications resulting from them.

The procedures are very extensive in this field and they can treat several issues from sexual dysfunction to pediatric dysfunction and everything in between. The procedures depend on the problems you have but they can be open surgery, robotic, laparoscopic, or minimally invasive.

About Urologic Reconstructive Surgery

The surgery helps you restore your erectile and functional functions. The field is very extensive & and there are several cases that fit under it. But here’s some of the common cases.

1- Urethral Strictures

The urethra is the organ through which I fine exits the body. In some cases for several reasons the urethra can endure obstacles. This condition is known as urethral strictures and happens with hardened tissue blocks the urethral passage.

Scar tissue from previous surgery, Inflammation, infections, and physical trauma can all cause urethral structures.

2- External Trauma

Physical trauma towards any part of the male organ or urinary tract may cause irreversible damage. The damage can be towards urethra, prostate, & bladder.

Urologic reconstructive surgery can re-align your urinary tract, remove scar tissue, or correct physical deformities from the incident.

3- Incontinence

incontinence is a condition where patients can’t control their urine flow. It can be a the result of birth defects or anatomical abnormalities from trauma.

Urologic reconstructive surgery can correct overflow incontinence by altering the shape of the urethra. But supporting the urethra is sometimes equally effective.

Another approach your doctor can use is add never stimulation as an attempt to enhance bladder control.

Urologic Reconstructive Surgery In Turkey

As one of the top 3 countries for medical tourism, Turkey is home to world famous urologists and surgeons. For it’s affordable prices, the country offers contradicting quality of care. With it’s constant innovations, dedication to excel, and commitment to the patient, Turkey hosts some of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the world.

The state of the art facilities and top surgeons in the field are contributing factors to the exponential growth of its medical tourism industry.

Urologic Reconstructive Surgery With AkayLife

AkayLife is a well-known medical tourism coordinator on both a local and a global level. With the growth of the industry, health tourists are seeking the country like no other. Most of them are first-timers in Turkey seeking an important procedure. The entire process can be overwhelming and stressful. For this reason, we have assembled a team of medical consultants to help you with your process.

We are responsible of running background checks on hospitals ensuring the legitimacy of their practices, accreditation, and board-certification. All the hospitals we work with have the seal of approval from the JCI.

Turkey is home to a large number of JCI urology hospitals which gives you a decent number of options.

Our role in your urologic reconstructive surgery is to find you the right match. We’ll analyse your medical reports and budget capacity and find you the best and safest hospital for your urologic reconstructive surgery.

All the while, our communication with you will never stop. From the moment of your arrival until your departure, we’ll ensure you’re comfortable with the hospital, treatment, and doctors.

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