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PRP injection is becoming a household name. You hear about it everywhere and it almost seems like there isn’t one thing it can’t do. From treating joint injuries to giving your hair a boost and clearing your skin; PRP injection is an all in one.

But if it is your first time hearing about the treatment taking the world by storm, we’ll explain it all blow by blow. Below we’ll talk about how the treatment works & what it is able to achieve. In the following article, we’ll pull off the masks to give you the truth about the PRP injection.

What Is The PRP Injection

PRP injection is an injection containing proteins important for growth. The platelet-rich plasma is a naturally existing component of your blood. It functions to carry nutrients, hormones, and growth proteins.

The PRP treatment works by concentrating this valuable substance and injecting it into your problem areas. Because these proteins have versatile functions, the treatment works wonders in many areas of the body.

The growth proteins in the PRP injection can bind to cells and generate development. Whether it’s to speed up healing, stimulate hair growth, or regenerate the skin.

PRP Injection Procedure

To begin your PRP injection treatment, your technician will first draw blood from you. A tube is usually enough and the blood drawing process occurs in the standard way.

The next step is to extract PRP from the remaining blood components. Typically to achieve this your technician will place the tube in a centrifuge for a few minutes.

This will divide the components of your blood into PRP and other elements not necessary for this purpose.

Your technician will collect the PRP and then strategically inject it into problem areas. If you’re targeting a specific joint or tendon, your technician might use ultrasound probes to guide the PRP injection. The procedure is around 1 hour long and requires no downtime.

When Do Results of PRP Injection Appear?

The PRP injection aims to stimulate cellular growth and encourage rejuvenation. Technically, the treatment starts working right away. But when you begin to feel or see the results varies based on the location of your treatment. It can also vary from one person to another.

Usually, you’d notice visual changes by 3 months. Which is the expected time period when all the cellular changes begin to make a change.

Applications of the PRP Injection

The PRP injection has a beneficial impact on several parts of the body. Here are some of the areas in which the platelet-rich plasma injection has outstanding effects.

1- PRP Injection For Face

PRP for the face is making a lot of noise recently. Especially since big influencers in the beauty industry have been using this treatment.

Here’s what PRP does to your skin:

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Gives the skin a fresh glow
  • Regenerates the skin
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Enhances skin tones
  • Tightens the skin

In short, unlike other facial injections, the PRP injection works on enhancing the quality of your skin as a whole. Whereas other injections mostly working on adding volume or removing specific wrinkles.

PRP facial injection is safe to combine with other treatments, such as fillers, for instance, to tackle various issues on the face.

The results will appear gradually with time and will look extremely natural and very youthful.

2- PRP for Hair Loss

PRP for hair loss is another category of the versatile PRP injection. This treatment does a lot of wonders for various hair loss types. Whether pattern hair loss, hair loss due to vitamin deficiency, styling, or stress. In fact any form of temporary hair loss.

Recent research indicates that it works even better than treatments such as Rogaine, known more commonly as Minoxidil.

The treatment stimulates growth incredibly and restores hair loss almost like magic. Of course, you’ll still need to practice healthy habits to maintain these results.  Eat a balanced diet, consult your doctor for vitamin supplements if necessary, and rest well.

It will all reflect back on your hair with health, shine, and strength.

3- PRP Injection Knee

PRP injection was initially an orthopedic treatment & was most common among athletes who needed to heal faster. But now many people use them to treat their orthopedic injuries.

The PRP injection heals knee pain and injuries. Here’s what benefits the PRP injection has for the knees:

  • Rebuild cartilage
  • Reduce swelling
  • Rebuild meniscus
  • Alleviate pain
  • Rebuild ligaments

The Takeaway

The PRP injection is a treatment that rapidly took over the beauty industry. It’s very effective, versatile, and most importantly safe.

No surgery, downtime, or big wounds are involved. Even better, the PRP injection uses your own cells so no major side effects will appear.

The treatment has this much value and benefits due to that fact it tackles the problem on a cellular level. It sets the tasks straight with your cells which reflects on the outside. Whether for your hair, skin, or knees; it can specifically treat the issue based on the location of the injection.

This is because PRP contains numerous growth factors that target various cells. So regardless of the treatment location, the injection will have the right growth factor for that particular area. The results aren’t permanent and you can repeat treatment every month if you wish.

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