We have some recommendations of what you need to do before you begin your trip. These are important and will help you make sure your trip is successful and it will ensure that your experience is not stressful or negative.

You should do the following before leaving your country:

  • Make sure that you are, in fact, healthy enough to travel; in other words, have you had any recent surgery or procedures that could make flying a problem? Even with all the best intentions and planning, the unexpected can suddenly happen, so make sure to check with your personal physician and doctor in Turkey that you are able to safely travel if you have had a recent surgery or procedure.
  • Make sure that your passport is current and has not expired; this may seem obvious but it is easy to forget and you do not want to arrive for your flight only to find out you have a problem due to an unexpired passport.
  • Make sure you do have the visa you need for entering Turkey, and check all the travel and accommodation arrangements so you know what to expect when you arrive in the country.
  • It is a smart move to have all your medical records and list of prescription and other medications on you before you leave your country; this is useful even though you will likely have sent a digital copy to your doctor in Turkey; it is a good idea to take a hard paper copy with as a backup; you also need a list of all your drug and other allergies, including food allergies.
  • Bring your prescription medicines with – you likely will need a note from your doctor or a valid prescription in order to be allowed to carry medicine into Turkey, so be sure to have the paperwork with you along with your medication.
  • Keep yourself healthy and avoid bad habits such as smoking and drinking to excess; these are all life style choices that compromise your health and will likely affect the outcomes of your medical procedure, this is particularly true for any surgeries you may be having.
  • If you are unsure about what your treatment will involve, ask your questions as soon as possible before the trip even begins, to reduce any worry or anxiety; not knowing what to expect will only add to the stress of travel; putting your mind at ease will make the trip much more comfortable.
  • Bring extra cash – it is wise to always have some extra money on hand for unexpected costs or impulsive buys, such as having to buy airtime, for instance; you may also want to buy a t-shirt or some type of souvenir, while in the country.

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