When it comes to your health, you can’t take chances, and this includes with diagnoses; in many cases, a diagnosis is clear and you are perfectly happy with what the doctor says; however, there are the occasions when you may not feel so sure with a diagnosis and this creates anxiety and concern, because, after all, if a diagnosis is incorrect then you will receive the wrong treatment and it will be a big waste of money and time.

This is something that we recognize at Akaylife, where our goal is for you to feel comfortable with your medical diagnoses and treatments; we do not want our clients feeling unsure and anxious about any aspect of their health care; which is why we offer you the option of a medical second opinion and the best part is it is free.

Reasons people often ask for a second opinion are listed below:

  • The medical condition is rare or life-threatening
  • The recommended treatment is difficult and in itself, risky
  • You have many medical problems
  • The diagnosis is not absolutely certain, but instead, is a best guess as to what is happening

Having the option to get a second medical opinion is very helpful and it serves to reassure you of what is going on with your body and your health; you may also be concerned about the quality of care you have been receiving on your health insurance plan; this is because health insurance coverage usually limits what doctors and specialists you can see and also what facilities you can use.

In your home country, then, you may find you are not happy with the diagnosis you have been given because you do not like your doctor or do not trust them; once again, this leads to doubt, uncertainty and worry, which will only make your situation worse; in these situations, receiving a second opinion from a reputable doctor is a smart move, even if it turns out that your original doctor correctly diagnosed you; it will at least put your mind at ease and you can focus then on your treatment options.


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