Few things are scarier than finding out that you have a brain tumor. However, there are often treatments that can be helpful and, in some cases, even cure the condition.
If you live somewhere like the United States, the costs involved in treating your brain tumor can become very high. People can quickly end up financially ruined and bankrupt due to the very high costs of medical treatment.
There is no reason to worry because you can find affordable care and high quality medical treatment in Turkey. Read on to find out information about brain tumor treatments and treatment options in Turkey.

About Brain Tumor Treatment

The type of treatment your doctor will recommend will depend on, firstly, if your tumor is benign or malignant, and then secondly, the type of brain tumor you have.
Brain surgery can potentially completely cure you if the tumor is benign and the surgeon is able to remove all of it. For malignant tumors it becomes more complicated to treat and may require a combination of approaches.
In some cases, surgery is done to remove some or all the tumor from the brain. In some situations, additional non-surgical treatment is also recommended.
In these cases, chemotherapy and radiation treatments are options that could help to shrink any cancer cells that are remaining in the brain.
Radiation uses high-powered rays to damage cancerous cells and inhibit their growth. It is often done using a machine.
The chemotherapy uses chemicals to destroy cells, and is most often given intravenously, but there are pills that can be taken in certain cases. Sometimes chemotherapy is even administered by injection into the cerebrospinal fluid, which is carried to the brain.

Brain Tumor Treatment in Turkey

Health insurance plans in the United States often do not cover the entire cost of a procedure or the bills of the doctors and other professionals. This limitation means that you no doubt, have to pay something out of your own pocket.
In time, the costs of chemotherapy and radiation treatments add up, with the medication itself costing thousands of dollars. Then there is the high cost of surgery, which is common with brain tumors. Treatment for tumors is usually expensive, depending on what country you live in.

With lower prices than many other countries, yet equally high quality of care, you can receive treatment for your brain tumor at a very reasonable cost in Turkey.
Turkey has many qualified and credentialed doctors and surgeons who have a great deal of experience in treating brain tumors.

Brain Tumor Treatment with Akaylife

Akaylife’s mission is to connect you with the best qualified doctors to treat your brain tumor. It’s our goal to find you the very best medical care that Turkey has to offer. We also do everything in our power to keep costs low.
The doctors and surgeons we work with all have certifications that mean they match international standards of safety and quality of care. All Akaylife physicians are approved by the Ministry of Health.
You can be sure you are in good hands with Akaylife, as we work hard to get you the best options at the most affordable prices for your brain tumor treatment.


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