Choosing to be a medical tourist means that a lot of planning and organization needs to be done; we work hard to help plan all the logistics of your trip so that you don’t have the stress of trying to arrange the travel and accommodation.

It is also difficult for you to plan and arrange traveling and accommodation if you have either never traveled outside of your country before, or never traveled to Turkey.

At Akaylife, we recognize this difficulty and help you avoid having to deal with these issues; in fact, we work closely with a number of companies and vendors to find the best deals for you; we also work with you and take into account your preferences with respect to both travel arrangements and accommodation choices.

Travel organization and planning

Most people will need to fly into the country and so we help find you the best airfares and air carriers; there are some factors involved here that we want you to be aware of with respect to traveling:

The cost of airfare is influenced by the following factors –

  • Distance you are traveling – the further you fly, the higher the cost because fuel will cost more.
  • How many stops you make along the way – if you stop at various airports along the travel route, the cost will be lower; while if you fly direct, the costs will be much higher.
  • How far in advance you book your ticket – the further in advance you book a ticket, the cheaper the airfare, generally; although, time of year is also important and flying during holidays and weekends, will likely cost more.
  • Airline carrier – some carriers are simply more expensive than others; but if that is your choice, then it can be arranged.
  • Economy or first class seats – as you no doubt already know, economy class tickets are considerably cheaper than first class tickets.
Accommodation organization and planning

It is very important that you have decent accommodation during your stay in Turkey; since you are having a medical procedure you will need to stay relatively close to the medical center and doctors where your treatment is being done; besides these factors, you may have personal preferences which will impact the cost; you need to consider which of these factors are important to you when it comes to accommodation:

  • WI-FI service – most everybody wants to have access to the internet and so WI-FI is probably something you want and that most places you stay will have; however, it is still important to confirm this with us.
  • Concierge service – if you want to have someone to help you at the hotel you stay at, then we can help you find a place that offers concierge service; such services are useful, especially during recovery after your procedure, but you should note that this will increase the costs of accommodation.
  • Swimming pool – some accommodations may have a swimming pool on the premises that you can use; this is something you would need to let us know so that we can find you the best choice.
  • Remember, we can plan and arrange accommodation based on the distance from your treatment center, but also based on what you want, so you need to let us know any particular preferences that you have.

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