An adjustable gastric band is another type of bariatric surgery that has received great attention. The gastric band is considerably less invasive than other alternatives, for instance, the gastric bypass. Where the procedure of the adjustable gastric band doesn’t involve the surgical removal of any part of the stomach or any re-arrangement of the gastric system.

Instead, it’s a surgical process in which your doctor places a band, typically made of silicone, around your stomach. This in turn decreases its size and its capacity to hold food.

More About Adjustable Gastric Band

The adjustable gastric band bariatric surgery involves wrapping a silicone band towards the upper part of the stomach. This will shape the stomach into two portions. A smaller upper portion and a bigger lower portion with the silicone band in between.

With a tube attached to the band, your doctor fills the band with saline solution. This makes the band expand and construct the stomach. With a smaller pouch for food intake, the amount of food you eat will drastically decrease. Furthermore, you’ll feel hungry less as your body releases fewer hunger hormones.

The entire procedure is laparoscopic and only requires a few small incisions on the abdomen. It’s usually performed under general anesthesia and you spend a night in the hospital after an adjustable gastric band.

The overall procedure time is between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Adjustable Gastric Band In Turkey

An adjustable gastric band is a weight loss surgery that only people with a BMI of over 40 can opt for. Obese people with high BMI are at high risk of heart disease, diabetes, and fatal complications. And yet, insurance doesn’t always cover gastric banding. In fact, on rare occasions is does partially covers the prices, the surgery is usually very expensive.

But the imminent threats & health risks of obesity don’t take into consideration these factors. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of solutions. Neither does it mean seeking poor quality treatment in your home country because it’s more affordable. Because of the struggle, you’re going through, and because millions of other people who have been in your place before, the health tourism industry saw a significant rise.

An adjustable gastric band in Turkey is an opportunity beyond costs. It’s a chance at getting guaranteed treatment conducted by the worlds leading surgeons in the country with the highest JCI approved hospitals. An adjustable gastric band in Turkey is a portrait of success, trust, & excellence.

Adjustable Gastric Band With AkayLife

The feelings that come with getting a treatment in a foreign country can be overwhelming. You may not know the ways of the country or how to check the eligibility of hospitals. But our professionals at AkayLife do. We’ve been around since the early days of Turkey’s successful health tourism growth. And during this period, we’ve built around a brand for trust and transparency.

We conduct routine investigations of the hospitals & surgeons we cooperate with to make sure all the processes are performed above board. When you come to us with your needed our job is to listen and find the best match for you. According to your price range and medical needs, we’ll find the most suitable government and JCI certified hospital in Turkey for you.

All the while ensuring your comfort and offering services that make you feel at home.

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