Why people choose us

We are a top medical tourism company that aims to make your life easier by working only with reputable and highly qualified physicians at top medical centers, and offering you a wide range of additional assistance during your stay.

We collaborate with doctors and surgeons who perform various procedures so if you need cosmetic care or medical procedures, we will be able to assist in finding the best physician; we also only work with those physicians whom are JCI Accredited and have the Gold Seal of Approval.

Seeking medical treatment can often be stressful; we understand this and believe in helping our patients to receive only the highest quality and safest health care; our patients know and trust us to help them with all aspects of their medical trip; we match patients with English-speaking and board-certified, internationally-credentialed physicians and we provide several additional helpful services.

Our patients respect us for our professionalism, and they know we will get them the most affordable medical care that meets or exceeds international standards of care.

We are experts in the health care industry and know what Turkey has to offer, so even if you want to combine your medical trip with a vacation, we can help.

How we help you

What you can expect from us is first-class treatment, we will help you to:

  • Get a second opinion for your diagnosis
  • Organize all aspects of your trip, including your travel plans and accommodation organization
  • Find an excellent medical provider who is also affordable and certified
  • Help you during and after your stay in the hospital
  • Help you with language interpretation and translation

Advise you on how you can explore and enjoy your time in Turkey

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What our patients say

It was so nice having somebody else do the work for me for this trip, because it really helped me to not get as stressed as I normally get when planning a trip, and I also liked that they had all these extra services; they definitely know what they are doing and I would use them again.

Kate Broderick

My biggest worry was the language barrier, but the doctor and surgeon that Akaylife found for me both could speak and understand English, and I could understand them, which was a big worry off my mind; I know if I do this again I will be using Akaylife next time as well.

James Johnson

Having never traveled to Turkey before it all seemed so overwhelming and there was so much to worry about, but Akaylife were fantastic and helped me plan everything so I could just focus on getting better which is what you want, and the costs were lower than I expected.

Tammi Palmer

I’ve never been a medical tourist before so I was really scared, but once I had spoken with the staff at Akaylife, I started to feel better, and then when I went through with everything it worked out really well; I highly recommend Akaylife.

George Phillips

I was very impressed by the professionalism of the people working at Akaylife and I knew I was in good hands and wouldn’t have to worry about anything; this really turned out to be true!

Randall Hill

Our Healthcare Associates