IVF Success Rates
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IVF success rates are an aspect of IVF most patients worry about. If you’re considering IVF, it can be a very worrisome time. But recent research on IVF success rates shows a great deal of good news. The data is promising, and with a bit more faith, your dream can come true.

What Affects IVF Success Rates

IVF success rates vary significantly according to age, the number of cycles, and techniques.

For instance, women who are younger have higher chances of success. Comparing techniques as well shows that IVF has higher rates of success in comparison to ICSI.

The promising news is that with modern technologies and cutting-edge practices, it’s evident that IVF success rates, in general, have increased. And from the last decade up until now, there is an overall success increase of around 10%.

How To Measure IVF Success Rates?

In this article, we define IVF success rates as live births. In other words, the percentage of IVF treatments that resulted in a successful pregnancy. And the following, we measure these rates under several varying circumstances to give you the most accurate information available.

IVF Success Rates

Without further ado, here are the IVF success rates for various cases. We’ll break down the factors that influence IVF success into groups based on age at first. For every age group, we’ll discuss IVF success rates and factors that influence it. For instance, using donor or own oocytes, and so on. As well as breaking down the success rates for every cycle.

Women Under 40 IVF Success Rates

Own Oocytes & Fresh and Frozen Embryos

This includes the success rates of IVF with women under 40 using their own oocytes, fresh embryos, or frozen embryos.

In the first cycle, IVF success rates are around 32.3%. But evidence shows that by the sixth cycle IVF success rates increase to 68.4%. Between the first and sixths cycle, success rates maintain a rate of over 20%.

Most patients give up by the fourth cycle. But it’s clear now that waiting until the sixth cycle plays a role in the success rates. Consider at least six cycles before you decide to quit.

Donor Oocytes

With donor oocytes, you’re looking at 29.6% IVF success rates on the first cycle. By the sixth cycle, you have 86.7% success using donor oocytes.

Women Aged 40-42 IVF Success

Own Oocytes & Fresh and Frozen Embryos

You’re looking at IVF success rates of 12.3% on the first cycle. By the sixth cycle, success rates increase to 32.5%

Donor Oocytes

This age group has more success with donor oocytes. Because even for women without fertility problems, you’ll find that prospects of conception decrease over the age of 42. But with donor oocytes, you have more success.

Research shows that IVF success rates with donor oocytes for women over 42 are around 29.6%. By the sixth cycle, you’re looking at live-birth possibilities of 86.7%

Women Over 42

Women over 42 have IVF success rates of 4% with their own oocytes and frozen and fresh embryos. These rates are constant throughout cycles. But using donor oocytes increases chances of success by 29.6% on the first cycle. And it can increase significantly to 86.7% in the sixth cycle.

Generally using donor oocytes eliminates the age differences in prospects of success.

Success Rates Of IVF For Male Infertility

Male cause infertility has higher IVF success rates, usually around 81.2% using donor sperm. The rates are very low using own sperm. But you can ask your doctor for an attempt using your own sperm. There are factors that you can practice to increase your chances of success with own sperm IVF.

You can find this information down below. Whereas the technique of ICSI has a success rate of around 71.3%

How to increase IVF Success Rates

Now that we’ve over the average success rates for IVF, here are some tips to increase conception.

1- Diet

It’s very important to eat healthy balanced meals. But making extreme dietary changes is risky. You can’t spontaneously shift to a gluten-free diet or get into Keto. Make sure that you’re consuming foods rich in vitamins and nutrients because your body needs it.

For instance, you can start a Mediterranian diet with your partner during the weeks leading to treatment. It helps prepare your body. It’s also beneficial for sperm and increasing IVF success rates.

2- Exercise

if you’ve never been a weight-lifter it isn’t a good time to start right before or after an IVF cycle.  Make sure you resume the exercise routine you’ve been practicing before. Or for example, you can prepare your body by getting into light exercise a month before starting your IVF. Exercise is good for the body overall and plays a role however minor in increasing your IVF success rates. And of course, always consult your doctor first.

3- Try To Stick To At Least 6 Cycles

Most couples quit after the third or south cycle. This is because the emotional aspects of the process can be daunting. And likewise, the financial factor takes its toll after a while. In the USA a single cycle of IVF would cost around $14,000. Most health insurance companies don’t cover costs after the third cycle.

This leads many couples to quit treatment. But you can consider medical tourism and IVF in Turkey. The reduced costs can help you continue treatment and increase your IVF success rates.

4- Partner With An Accomplished Hospital

You need to find a qualified team that uses modern and high tech practices for IVF. AkayLife can take care of this for you. We pride ourselves on our team that works tirelessly to include every element and factor that adds to IVF success rates by thoroughly evaluating IVF centers. No need to do your homework and make sure you’re partnering with a great hospital and an experienced team because we can cover that for you.

5- The Drugs You Take

Make sure you tell your doctor what medical products you’re using. Some of these could possible interfere with the progress of treatment. Your doctor will let you know what to drop and what to continue taking.

6- Supplements

A prenatal vitamin supplement is a great option consider as well. Having the right amount of vitamins in your system is crucial to IVF success rates. So make sure you first your doctor before taking medication. You can start a few weeks before cycle to give your body the opportunity to hold on these vitamins.

The Takeaway

IVF success rates vary according to age, treatments, an even number of cycles.

Research shows that continuing with treatment is a key factor in its success. Especially after the fourth cycle, your IVF success rates are likely to spike. Make sure you stick to a healthy diet and fitness regimen in the weeks leading to your IVF cycle.

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