Turkey is a country that has shown tremendous growth in medical tourism, and for good reason; the high cost of medical care in many countries in Europe and America has led many people to look for alternative options to avoid financial stress in the future.

There are some compelling reasons why you should choose to come to Turkey for your medical procedures; these are listed and discussed below:

  • The health care is much more affordable – health care costs in recent years have become outrageous, and even people in countries which have what they thought was good health insurance, soon find out that not everything is covered and usually they still end up with large bills after a procedure is done.
  • A range of medical treatments are offered – Turkey is as good as the United States and other developed countries in being able to offer all of the same medical procedures, surgeries, and cosmetic work.
  • The government regulates health care – the Turkish government takes the medical industry seriously and provides good oversight on the various medical facilities and health care providers practicing in the country; this means lower risk to you because you know that provided a facility and doctor is accredited and certified, it is safe.
  • Medical providers often hold international credentials and certifications – The JCI Accreditation is a global certification that recognizes that a physician provides care at a very high quality that matches or exceeds international standards; and it means that the physician has a good record of safety; the gold seal of approval is also held by many doctors, and also indicates a reputable physician who can be trusted to provide excellent care.
  • Medical centers are clean and well-equipped – health centers are maintained at high standards of safety and sanitation to ensure patient safety; all the equipment and supplies that are needed are also readily available, as well as modern technology and instrumentation.
  • You do not have to wait a very long time for treatment- if you have health insurance in your home country you know that often you have to wait a long time to have a procedure because it can take time for insurance to approve it, particularly if it is an expensive procedure; this is often not good enough, especially if you have a condition like cancer where treatment needs to begin soon; you won’t have this problem in Turkey.
  • The country is friendly to foreign visitors – every year thousands of people visit Turkey, some simply for a holiday and others to get medical work done; the country is used to accommodating and dealing with foreigners, particularly in the medical tourism sector.
  • Turkey is popular among medical tourists – many people who have come to the country for medical work, have recommended it, which would not be the case if it was not an excellent option.
  • The country is in a good geographical location – being so centrally located is a benefit for Turkey since it is close to many countries in Europe; and distances from Asia are not that far.

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