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Infertility is a very common problem that many young couples face. According to statistics, one out of six couples suffer from fertility problems. Male fertility problems account to 09% of all infertility cases in the world. To find out if you are fertile you have to take a male fertility test. 

Infertility is a very overwhelming problem that leaves many feeling void. Although not all-male fertility problems will be treated, a great majority respond well to treatment plants. Therefore it’s important to try once, twice, and even thrice if the situation calls for it. 

What Is Male Fertility?

Before going on with the male fertility test, let’s start by defining male fertility. Male fertility is a condition that refers to the male’s ability to conceive without the use of medications in unprotected sex. It becomes evident that you have male fertility problems of you weren’t able to conceive after a year of having unprotected sex. In this case, you must see a doctor if you’re determined on having kids. In most cases, complications with male fertility subside with the right treatment plan. 

How Does A Male Fertility Test Work?

In a male fertility test, your doctor will first begin by asking questions about your sex life. These include questions about how long you’ve been attempting to conceive and for long have you been having unprotected sex with your partner. A male fertility test is only necessary if you’ve been trying for over a year to no avail. In which case your doctor will schedule a male fertility test for you. 

The test will include, routine blood tests as well as other blood tests to analyze your hormones. There will likely be imaging tests to detect anatomical abnormalities. Likewise, you will have to provide sperm samples to analyze the motility and quality of your sperm. Furthermore, anti-body tests will also be required in a male fertility test to see if the source of your infertility is immunological. 

What Does a Male Fertility Test Work For?

A male fertility test will evaluate all possible causes of male infertility to give you a comprehensive analysis.

1- Sperm Count 

Sperm count is one of many contributing factors to male fertility problems. Many men can easily cum but cum and sperm count aren’t interchangeable terms. You can ejaculate with no issues, but this ejaculate can be of poor quality. Meaning the number is sperm within the cum is too little decreasing the possibility of conception. A male fertility test covers this aspect in the examination. 

2- Testosterone Levels 

Having low testosterone levels is a common cause of male fertility issues. Testosterone is one of the many hormones responsible for sperm production. Having low levels of this hormone will interfere with this process leading to male fertility problems. Your technicians will examine your testosterone levels when you’re opting for a male fertility test.

3- Sperm Motility 

Sperm motility is the ability for sperm to swim to the ovaries. Sometimes, sperm lacks this feature, meaning the sperm doesn’t get to travel all the way to the ovaries and initiate fertilization. This cause of male fertility isn’t related to sperm count or testosterone levels. Both can be normal and you may still have sperm motility problems. Hence why this aspect is included in a male fertility test. 

4- Sperm Duct Blockage 

Surprisingly, this is a leading cause of male infertility. In sperm blockage, the tubes that carry the sperm can be blocked or semi-blocked. Out of the above causes, this infertility problem is the only one that comes with clear symptoms. You’ll find that your ejaculate is smaller in size than would be considered normal. It also causes visible shoguns such as swelling and bruising around the testicles.

5- Anti-Sperm Antibodies 

Another cause of infertility that your doctors will have to evaluate in a male fertility test is your anti-sperm antibodies. Some men ejaculate anti-sperm antibodies with their cum that causes the sperm to be attacked on their way to the ovaries. It’s a rare phenomenon but is within your male fertility test. 

6- Anatomical Abnormalities 

Some men are born with a missing sperm pipeline. Other men have a phenomenon where the sperm passes through the bladder instead. These can be extensive hence why a male fertility test involves x-rays or MRI in more complicated situations. 

What Happens After a Male Fertility Test?

In most cases, you can seek treatment for particular issues. All the above causes of infertility have effective treatments. In the case of anatomical abnormalities, your next step is surgery. 

Whereas for low sperm count your doctor will consider vitamin supplements before considering surgery. Whereas sperm motility problems will require artificial insemination in treatments such as IUI. Where a healthy sperm is chosen in a lab and inserted into the egg via special instruments. Likewise, with anti-sperm antibodies, you will need artificial insemination for successful conception.

What’s an Idiopathic Infertility?

Idiopathic infertility refers to cases of unexplained infertility. These situations usually have clear male fertility test results but still can’t conceive. These situations are rare, however.  

Here your doctor will recommend more complex procedures like IVF to help you achieve a successful pregnancy.

At-Home Male Fertility Test kits

At home male fertility test kits only work for one cause which is sperm count. So for instance if your male fertility problems result form something else, these at home-test kits can be misleading. They aren’t comprehensive enough to replace a through medical examination. But if you want to cross your sperm count off the list, then go ahead by all means

Can Treatment Be expensive?

In most cases treatment is expensive. Hence why many couples with infertility problems are embarking on health tourism. Countries like Turkey have become a hub of medical excellence and offer treatment at affordable prices. And in sentimental dilemmas like infertility, couples feel overwhelmed by the costs.

And because the treatment depends on trial and error, many couples are encouraged to keep repeating treatment beyond their budget limits. A single treatment session abroad can cover several many in Turkey.

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